Food business has been manually operated by people with lack of technology for a long time. We believe that food business should be much more creative in nature. We commit to redefine food business using the power of technology. Technology is the key for professionals in the food business to focus more on creative work. Food business gives positive power to all the people in daily life.

Our Values

What's The Problem?​

We solve the problems of the food business. It always starts with “what’s the problem?”. Finding problems is our job. We don’t focus on the problem on the surface but take a deep dive into the problem. Listen to the client’s opinion! Have an experience by yourself! Think deeply! Discuss with your client and team! 

After you understand “what is the real problem”, we can come up with a real solution. Some complex problems might look simple when you break into small pieces. Food business still has so much room to improve with technology. Let’s find a real problem, come up with a solution and execute it!

Take Initiative!

We take an initiative in the work, which leads to a brilliant result. Taking an initiative is not leaving a task to others but a positive action with the full of responsibility to accomplish. The action with such responsibility involves the team members and spreads a positive impact across the company. Let’s take an initiative to make the food business better!

Enjoy Adventure!

We bring food business to the next level which no one has done before. Whenever we face difficulties along our adventure, we do what we can do step by step, not to blame what we don’t have. Even if the outcome is not great, you could learn out of the result and take advantage of it for the next adventure. If you never take action, our goal would never be achieved. We need a strong heart to enjoy an adventure to achieve our vision. We admire those who challenge themselves and take action. Our vision is a huge adventure. Let’s enjoy an adventure together!

Our Leaders

Taku Tanaka


Hiroshi Tokaku